all is fair in love, and we're in love.


this is what they said to me....

the new team blog for former starbucks employees will be up by the end of the week. it will be amazing.

D.C. trip cancelled. we had faux meat instead. i moleskine-blogged the night.

Lauren wanted us to play a game on the road, and she started telling me about it, and stopped. the only words she mentioned were 'Michael' and 'regret.' this is what i had to say. "so all i know so far is 'Michael' & 'regret.' that'll be interesting."

Rusty and I talked about the cleanliness of our house. he's found someone who will clean it for us. "She'll clean our house, unless you want to be the head of the Homeland Security Department someday." (RHC)

we talked about how Ming Dynasty looks like it had the same interior designer as the Overlook Hotel. this was my comment. "one of the first times i had sex, it was during The Shining. i think this explains a lot."

finally, a fortune cookie.

A perfect statue never comes from a bad mold.
Lucky Numbers 3, 6, 9, 33, 36, 38.

the night is young, i guess. what next?


  • Well, this is interesting. I did a blog search for barista and found your site. When I get some time I'll come back and find out where barista appears and how it relates - if it even does. Take care - nice work.

    By Blogger Kevin Jackson, at 10/03/2005 11:24:00 PM  

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